von Andi

I am glad you are here. I do not want to take up your time unnecessarily and would like to present you my contents as time-saving as possible. Therefore I will keep it short and show you the best way to get the contributions you need. These are my categories, which will be extended soon:

The projects of my heart are:

  • UPPAHAR, a befriended relief organization in India, to which we are committed: www.uppahar.de
  • Babyhaus Rosa, the actual project. The building is at the site of UPPAHAR: Babyhaus Rosa

Would you like to see more content on my website? Then write me an email or a comment on one of my blog posts!

Are you interested why I made this website? There are two reasons: One, because I want to create order in my brain 😉 – and second, because I want to share what’s important for me.