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Snapshot aus Mine "Discover your digital footprint"

Data protection is more and more important. I found “Mine” in the web through an article in Israel Heute. Mine finds out which companies have your personal data. You can connect to Mine with your Google, Windows or Yahoo account. The program will then search the Internet. You will be surprised where you have logged in with your email address. Your personal data is shown there. Click here to get to the app: Mine-Login

Who is behind Mine?

Three young Israelis, Gal Ringel, Gal Golan and Kobi Nissan founded MINE. The program launched in Europe a year ago, has been downloaded 100,000 times, and has sent over 1,300,000 requests to delete data to 150,000 companies worldwide. Infopoint Security writes:

Ringel and Golan both have extensive experience in cybersecurity, having held leadership positions in Israel’s Cyber Intelligence Unit 8200 and working in the past at companies such as Nielsen, Verizon and Microsoft. Nissan brings years of international experience in data analytics and product strategy from Accenture and King Digital Entertainment.

Source: Infopoint-Security.de

What is the goal of Mine?

On their website, they put it this way:

Our mission is to create a new global privacy standard where people can manage their data and minimize online risks without changing their behavior. We bridge the gap between people and businesses by making regulations accessible to everyone.

source: ABOUT-Page of MINE

How it works

The program is based on artificial intelligence and searches the Internet for your data on your behalf. You log in to Saymineapp with your Google or Windows credentials, the program then starts searching and notifies you of the companies involved. You’ll be surprised, as I was. After MINE has shown you the companies, you can request the deletion of your data. You can either do this yourself with the suggested text, or you can hire Mine to do it for you. Mine will then send out the email from your Google mail account (which you used to sign into Mine) – if you allow it, of course.

Self test – it works

The operation is really very simple. I only had 5 companies linked to my Google account, but I wasn’t aware of 3 of them. I had only looked in there once, and then never contacted them again.

This is the overview page you will get after 30 seconds:

Ergebnis einer Analyse in Mine
Result of my analysis in Mine

It gets interesting when you look at where you have already logged in with your account. This is how it looks for me. I will now request deletion from Citizengo, Hometogo and Casmundo:

Ergebnis meiner Analyse in Mine mit den 5 erkannten Unternehmen
Result of my analysis in Mine with five recognized companies

Yesterday I requested the deletion and today already came the confirmation of the first company (Hometogo! very good!) that my data will be deleted. I’m curious to see what happens next. With European companies, this should work without any problems, because they are bound by the GDPR.

Why it is important

Hackers are stealing data more and more often. This is what happened to EasyJet in May 2020. Every company that stores your data increases the risk that you will also be involved. If your Google account is then affected, the hacker also has access to it right away and perhaps steals all your contact data. That’s why I’m glad there’s now a way to use Mine to delete personal data from companies I no longer work with.

Weitere Infos

The blog of Mine: Blog

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