Where are you here?

von Andi
You need concentrated information about the Christian faith, the Bible and creation/evolution? Are you unsure whether God exists? Then I have collected evidence for you here: Category “Creation” Are you religious but not sure if you are in the right community or church? I felt the same way (see below), so I can sympathize and help: Category “Theology” Are you a Christian, or are you exploring the Christian faith, but you’re not sure if you can trust the Bible? Here my aim is to help you further: Tag “Bible” Are you following Jesus and need inspiration? Tag “Values” My expertise: Many years of dealing with the subject, own doubts about faith, turning from dead religion to living gospel with Jesus Christ as foundation. I am not a theology graduate, perhaps that is why I can explain complex issues in an understandable way. Short, concise, well-founded and gladly ready for personal contact. Without ulterior motives, I do not work for a church and do not want your money. A special topic from my own experience: The New Apostolic Church. Here you will find what I have written about it (here). A factual discussion with this church is important to me, because I appreciate the people there very much. It is only with their teachings that I have a problem. Do you need information about this church? Or are you a member of the NAC and start to doubt if you are on the right way? Send me a message via the contact form and I will be happy to get back to you.