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This is my personal blog, filled with concentrated information on the christian faith, bible and creation/evoluation.

Are you unsure about God’s existence? Here are some evidence: Category “Creation”

Are you religious but not sure if you are in the right church or community? It was the same with me, therefore I can feel with you and maybe help: Category “Theology”

Are you a Christian or do you deal with the christian belief, but you are not sure if you can trust the bible? Try this: Tag “Bible”

Are you following Jesus and want more input? Tag “Values”

My expertise: Many years of dealing with the subject, own doubts about faith, turning from dead religion to living gospel with Jesus Christ as foundation. I am not a theology graduate, perhaps that is why I can explain complex issues in an understandable way. Short, concise, well-founded and ready for personal contact: contact I am not working for any church and do want your money.

A special topic from my own experience: The New Apostolic Church. For this you will find only one article so far (https://www.andis-notizen.de/category/nac). A factual discussion with this church is important to me, because I appreciate the people there very much. It is only with their teachings that I have a problem. Do you need information about this church? Or are you a member of the NAC and start to doubt if you are on the right way? Send me a message: contact, I reply as soon as possible. And here you can subscribe to my newsletter where I will inform you about new articles: Newsletter

These are my categories and important keywords:

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