About me

von Andi

My name is Andreas, I am happily married, live in the countryside and have one life theme: Jesus Christ. Connected with this is the occupation with a book, the Bible. That’s why there is a lot about theology here – together a mixture that should enrich your life and give direction.

I also write about “Creation and Evolution” because there are more reasons to believe in a Creator than you think.

Where do I get the information for my articles? Being only of medium IQ myself, I do a lot of research before I write an article. This way you can be sure that the info is thought through, checked and partly lived through several times. And with no help of AI.

Also, I try to be brief, because time is not only money, but quality of life and a gift that should be invested thoughtfully.

So I hope you enjoy browsing, feel free to leave a comment or get in touch via the contact form if you have any questions or tips.